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Telephone Service Solutions:  


BizVox can deliver the telephone services unique to the requirements of your business. Our offerings include many solutions ranging from hosted voice over ip to traditional analog lines. By providing you access to these multiple services, BizVox is allowing your business to choose the solution that fits your needs and your budget.



·        Hosted PBX solutions- By choosing BizVox hosted PBX solution; your company’s telecommunications will become transparent.  By eliminating large upfront costs, administration fees and potential on-site equipment failures your company can focus on what it does best, grow. Let BizVox incorporate your telephone service, features and administration into one low monthly rate with one local point of contact to call.


·        Dial tone solutions- From traditional local dial tone offerings to our flexible IP based solutions, BizVox will ensure your business operates at full potential and is prepared for future growth with ease and convenience. BizVox voice services include traditional analog service, digital two-way trunk service with our without DID capability, Primary Rate Interface (PRI) services, and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking services.  This wide range of services ensures that your business will have access to every level of voice technology for your current and future needs. Your business can easily upgrade to the necessary technology at any time if needed.





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