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Telephone Equipment Solutions:  



BizVox can build a phone system unique to the requirements of your business. Our offerings include many solutions ranging from hosted voice over ip to traditional key systems. By providing you access to these multiple systems, BizVox is allowing your business to choose the solution that fits your needs and your budget.


·        Hosted PBX- By choosing BizVox hosted PBX solution your company’s telecommunications will become transparent.  By eliminating large upfront costs, administration fees and potential on-site equipment failures your company can focus on what it does best, grow. Let BizVox incorporate your telephone service, features and administration into one low monthly rate with one local point of contact to call.


·        Voip hardware solutions-A BizVox voice over ip hardware solution is the right choice for the company looking to be prepared for the future. We will ensure your company’s telecommunications growth is both cost effective and easily implemented. Your company will enjoy such features as  reduced maintenance costs for moves adds and changes, limitless expandability, virtual office solutions, and unified messaging just to name a few.


·        PBX and key system solutions- Our professional staff is experienced with virtually all manufacturers PBX and Key systems. Whether your company simply needs a programming change made to an existing system or a complete replacement of an antiquated model, our experienced engineers can help. We can provide service and support for your equipment or custom design a unique system tailored to your needs. No system is too large or small, our personnel is able to handle a wide range of client needs from a few handsets to hundreds of extensions.




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